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The opportunity for you to make money online is real (BUT) you first must have a strategy in place or else you'll be spinning your wheels, wasting your money.

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You need 3 things to make money.

1: A system or program to promote.

2: Daily leads

3: Conversion formula that bridges 1 + 2 together so you MAKE MONEY.


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Good. Operation Quick Link is a time tested (20 year) formula that has made millionaires out of parents, truck drivers and school teachers.

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As you know, people spend 4 years of their lives + $80,000 or more to get a degree that guarantees them nothing in return but a piece of paper with their name on it. While that's OK for folks looking for a specialized career such as nursing or accounting, if you want true time and financial freedom, then a degree isn't going to cut it.

The "New Rich"... men and women ages 35-55... who are sick and tired of the daily struggle... understand that the old way of exchanging time for money doesn't fly well in 2017. What's needed is a new playbook of tools, rules and systems that allow you to make significantly more money without any of the traditional hassles such as a commute, co-workers or a cubicle.

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Inside Operation Quick Link, you'll unlock a time proven, street tested FORMULA that will systematically have you collecting new leads that turn into bigger profit, back end sales as if by some magic spell. It's the surest way to scale from $0 to $100 a day to $1,000 a week to $1,000 a day and beyond, with as little risk as humanly possible.

But that's not everything... I really wanted to stack the value in your favor, so I've included (3) amazing bonuses:

BONUS #1: Little Black Book of $100K Secrets (Street Value $27)

The 500 Hour Work Week - Radical new idea that will blow the roof off any "I don't have the time" excuses

$41,000 In 92 Days - How is that even possible? HINT: Stop thinking time for money and start thinking about LEVERAGE + AUTOMATION

The Ultimate Pipeline - This simple 4 step flow chart outlines precisesly how to turn "ice cold" prospects into "buyers"

The Secret Formula - I paid my 1st mentor $3,000 to 'spoon fed' this life changing concept. It's included as Secret #1

+ 8 more secrets that will unlock more money and time freedom for you!

BONUS #2: 15 Minute 1:1 Speed + Focus Strategy Session (Street Value $99)

I'll tell you up-front that your biggest ENEMY online is not the lack of opportunity. It will be your lack of FOCUS. Getting focused and staying focused are 2 entirely different ideas that most everyone struggles with on a day to day basis.

Don't make the foolish mistake of thinking that 15 minutes can't help you. 15 minutes can mean the difference between you being here a year from now making 5-figures monthly OR you going back to your JOB with your tail between your legs.

Just one idea, one resource, one tip, from a seasoned mentor, can unlock many doors for you.

BONUS #3: FREE FLASH DRIVE w/i 6-Figure Text Message Broadcasting Secret, Scripts and Systems (Street Value $99)

Also included is our Money On Demand Formula for collecting BIG checks from BIG ticket programs!

(Attention... flash drives are only sent to US and Canadian customers!)

Imagine sitting by the pool... cell in phone in hand.... and you CLOSE a prospect on joining your team.

Impossible, you say? Don't like to "close"? You'd rather give up 20% - 50% of your money to have someone else "close" your deals for you? Well, by all means then, pay someone else. But for the rest of us, allow me to demonstrate for you exactly how you can close more deals using your cell phone + simple text messages + video messages all day long. This is something anyone can do with a little practice and it requires no special equipment that you have to go out and buy. Any present day smartphone will work just fine.

(Limited quantities on the flash drives so when they're gone, they're gone. Last count as of 06.29.17: 61)

Lets Re-Cap Everything You're Getting Within Operation Quick Link

  • The NEW 'Operation Quick Link' Master Class ($297 Value)
  • Little Black Book of $100K Secrets ($27 Value)
  • 1:1 Speed + Focus Strategy Call ($99 Value)
  • FREE FLASH DRIVE ($99 Value)

Total Value: $522

Today's Discounted Price: $27 One Time

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YES Tim! I'm ready to join the elite who are making $10,000 + per month.

Operation Quick Link

+ Book of Secrets + 1:1 15 Minute Speed Session + 6-Figure Text Message @ $27


Regular price: $297 Today: $27 One Time

* You Have Nothing To Lose And A New Future To Gain *

Operation Quick Link is backed 100% by our unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. So if for any reason, you feel you as though Operation Quick Link didn't meet or exceed your expectations, then we don't deserve your money. Simply email your referral agent for a prompt and hassle free refund.


Frequently Asked Questions

q Why so much for little? What's the catch?

There is no catch. We prefer to under-promise and over-deliver. You give us $27 one time and in return you'll be spoon fed the exact formula that's been directly responsible for transforming thousands of struggling home business marketers and networkers for years. You'll FINALLY get how the big boys and girls got to the top of the money mountain and how you can follow suit, with barely any friction or resistance. In fact, it will be as if you shifted from taking the stairs, one step at a time, to soaring to the top in your own private elevator.

q What if I'm Program XXXXXX?

Makes no difference what program, system or opportunity you promote. The ones mentioned on the sales page above are some of the more frequent programs we come across but there are literally 100s of other programs that are just as applicable. We don't discriminate. If you have a connection to an existing program, that's totally cool. We can still help you as the Operation Quick Link formula is amendable to fit any program, be it MLM, direct sales, affiliate promotions, etc.

q I can get this information for free. Why pay you $27?

You're right. You can get the same information for free elsewhere. That is...IF... you're willing to spend your valuable free time sorting through countless videos on Youtube, pouring over dozens of PDF reports, reading endless web pages and somehow, painstakingly, putting all of the ideas, information and connections together yourself so it brings you the exact formula that I can give you in 1/10th the time, on a silver platter no less?? So, yes, it's your choice. $27 or spend untold number of mind-numbing hours of self-study in front of your PC?

q I'm a bona-fide clueless buffoon who has never made a dime online. Is this for me?

Yes! It's perfect for you. As it's intended to transform struggling newbies into income producers so they have at least a fighting chance at seeing some level of success.

q How is this any different from any of the other "info products" out there?

Great question. The one thing that distinguishes us from the rest of the pack is that we're not throwing more information at you. If you want information, go to a library. If you want a step by step FORMULA that collects and converts leads into sales for you, then Operation Quick Link is for you.




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