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Our 80 / 20 Partnership Model Works Because...

REASON #1: Your success is our success, too. If you don't win, then we don't win. So our partnership is literally 'connected at the hip'!

REASON#2: You don't have to sit through hours of courses, videos and pdfs, trying to figure everything out. All you have to focus on is following our lead.

REASON #3: You get the lions share of the money, coming directly to you, by way of check, cash or money order. Imagine what an extra $6,000 + per week could do!

How Six Figure Empire Brings You The Money,
In Just 3 Steps...

STEP 1: Plug Into Existing Lead Flow Systems (Such As Youtube And Google)

STEP 2: The same presentation you watched is watched by your leads and prospects.

STEP 3: Your prospect makes a choice to get started today so that they can take advantage of the Fast Action Bonuses.

Step 2: Watch Money Flow Video

The Money Flow: Straight Shot To The Big Money

Step 3: Show Me The Products

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Create Demand (ON) Demand

This is an invaluable training on how to get the money you want, without having to bust your ass to get it.

When you have the skill to create demand, anywhere, anytime, even during a recession / pandemic and do so from any "platform" of the day... you become a Rainmaker!

You can make it rain MONEY, all day, every day. You CONTROL the game of money, therefore, you can have CONTROL over your life and you'll never need to be someones little puppet, ever again.

So this ones for you if you (HATE) the idea of selling anything to anyone and would much rather have prospects coming to you, asking to buy / join your program, system or opportunity!

In this (3) module, (7) video course, you'll discover a brand new way of doing exactly that. This training is relevant, evergreen and NO ONE ELSE in the make money / biz opp space has anything that can come remotely close, to the quality and caliber that this training delivers.

Here's a glimpse behind the curtain

Clone My Funnels

Here's a question for ya...

Would you rather invest months and tens of thousands of your hard earned dollars, building, customizing, testing and finalizing sales funnels? Or, would you rather someone do all of the hard work (AND) fork out the expense to build, customize, test and finalize the funnels for you?

It's a no-brainer answer, right? Of course, it's always best to let someone else take all of the risk and assume all of the expense, while you sit back and reap the rewards. Which is exactly what this product gives you.

You get (6) brand new sales funnels that give you 100% of the commission, gives you the buyers list (AND) best of all, you can have everything set up and operational in less than a hour or so!

This is one of the best products that no other big ticket program / system can even come close to matching.

$100K E-Funnel

Imagine having a $10,000 a month email copywriter on retainer? A person who wrote daily emails to your lead lists, while you generated the leads and sales as a result. You never had to write a single email, unless you wanted too.

Honestly.... who wouldn't love that? Seriously.

That'd be a gift from heaven. A gift that keeps on giving, day after day after day.

Well, guess what? You don't to hire a copywriter or commit to a $10,000/mo retainer.

Included with this level, you get a copywriter to send daily emails to your list for as little as $1 a day.

They write the emails. You sit back and collect the commissions.

This is yet another product that (NO ONE) can even come close to matching!

Step 4: Start Up Costs

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$1,500 + $29.97/mo

80%/20% Commission Split / No Qualifiers / No Pass-Ups

Pays $1,200 1st Level
Pays $300 2nd Level

Includes Level 1 Product
Conversational Marketing System

You only earn up to the $1,500

$3,750 + $29.97/mo

80%/20% Split / No Qualifiers / No Pass-Ups

Pays $3,000 1st Level
Pays $750 2nd Level

Includes Level 1 And 2 Product
Conversational Marketing System
Clone My Funnels

You can earn from the $1,500 and $3,750 levels.

$5,625 + $29.97/mo

80%/20% Split / No Qualifiers / No Pass-Ups

Pays $4,500 1st Level
Pays $1,125 2nd Level

Includes Level 1, 2 and 3 Product
Conversational Marketing System
Clone My Funnels
$100K e-Funnels

You can earn from the $1,500, $3,750 and $5,625 levels.

Step 5: Lets Re-Cap The Total Partnership Package In Less Than 10 Minutes.

Yes, This is my best and perhaps final chance to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity to make the money I've always wanted and to be able to live the lifestyle I've only dreamt about!

One of the most important things to remember is that, You do NOT have to figure it all out on your own!

In fact, you shouldn’t...

You can FINALLY get ahead...

Lets Start By Giving You...


Real World Value: $58,901

In short, you'll become one of us, with us!

You'll be able to skip the "School Of Frustration" and leap frog right onto the Fast Track to big ticket commissions!

This is a high end license, and it comes with all the systems, tools and training, so you'll have the chance to make as much money as you want.

You'll collect 80% of the incoming money off the 1st level (minimum $1,200) and 20% of the incoming money off the 2nd level (minimum $300).

You'll never be asked to chase, convince or sell anyone, anything, at any time. Our team is on stand-by, 24-7-365, to help you close the deals that will pay you.

You'll be able to resell in-demand products and services, from which, you'll collect 'Direct To Your Pocket' commissions.


Real World Value: $26,451.31

You don't have to learn anything about scripts, PHP programming or HTML. All of that stuff is done for you, ie., all of the web pages, sales copy, products and emails are included and ready to go!

Simply insert your info and just like that, you're in business, ready to make some money.


Real World Value: $18,031

Ask us what the #1 question of all time is and we'll tell you it's...


So I'll answer...

As an active partner within Six Figure Empire, you'll get (1) rotating share in our Traffic Co-op, automatically. This means that we'll be sending you new leads, on a monthly basis, without any direct effort (or cost) on your part.

It's truly a plug-n-play process that eliminates any and every obstacle, under the sun!

(Additional rotator package shares are available, starting at $49/mo)


Real World Value: $9,841

Our Partners meet up at least 1x per week, to share ideas, techniques, strategies, etc.

You'll get private (PARTNER) access to these Zooms and hang outs, held weekly.


Real World Value: $6,508

Not a lot of folks know that we sprinkle Direct Mail (postcards, sales letter, thank you cards, etc..) through out our marketing, for Six Figure Empire. Now, the catch is, is that Direct Mail isn't easy, nor is it cheap. So having this included as part of the marketing strategy for active Partners is a really, really (BIG) deal and should not (can not) go over-looked.

To Build Out Your Own System: $119,732.31

To Secure A Partnership License: $3,750

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